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Welcome to Year 5!

The children have made a great start to the new term and are already busy with their learning.

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Below is the full overview for this half term. 

Don't forget to log in to Google Classroom to find weekly homework and helpful links related to our topic. 

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak to one of us.

Miss Darbourne, Sue and Melissa

year 5 spring 2 parent overview.pdf


We are currently reading 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman.

Malorie Blackman Pig Heart Boy Audiobook




In History, we are learning about Crime and Punishment throughout history. We will recap the different eras we have studied and create timelines of key events. We will generate questions for historical enquiry, as well as examine a range of different historical sources.

 Crime and punishment in Ancient Rome Crime and punishment in Anglo Saxon times Crime and punishment in Tudor times Crime and punishment in Victorian times Crime and punishment during World War Two 



In Science, we are learning about electricity and will identify common appliances that run on electricity. We will construct a simple series electrical circuit, identifying and naming its basic parts, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers. We will also identify whether or not a lamp will light in a simple series circuit using our knowledge.

 BBC Bitesize - Electricity BBC Bitesize - Insulators and conductors

BBC Bitesize - How to be safe around electricity BBC Bitesize - How can you change a circuit?

BBC Bitesize - Circuit symbols BBC Bitesize - Electrical components 



In RE, we are learning about Buddhism and the Buddhist community worldwide.  We will learn about how Buddhists worship and different pilgrimages. 

BBC Bitesize - What is Buddhism?BBC Bitesize - What is Nirvana Day?

BBC Bitesize - What is Wesak? Britannica Kids - Buddhism 


Other useful websites:

The children have individual logins for these websites in their reading diaries. 

TT Rockstars Accelerated Reader - Quizzes MyOn - Online books and audiobooks