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Twin Oaks Primary School

Results of our parent surveys

Survey opened 11/7/22  Closed 22/7/22  (Last response 16/7/22) 

The link was publicised: in letter that went out with each child’s report, Newsletter 15/07,  and via text on the day the reports came out. 

21 responses.


    Responses 2021-22

    My child is happy in school

    90% agree

    The teaching is good at SFD

    86% agree

    The school curriculum engages my child

    86% agree

    My child is making good progress at school

    76% agree

    The school gives my child appropriate homework to support their learning

    62% agree

    The school deal appropriately with bullying

    52% agree

    * Note 0% of respondents disagreed with this statement.  Some people will have had no experience of this. 

    My child is confident that if they have a problem there is someone who will listen

    86% agree

    I find it easy as a parent/carer to approach the school regarding questions or concerns regarding my child

    86% agree

    The school is led and managed well


    I would recommend the school to a friend

    95% “Yes”



 Some points raised

There are not enough/any ways to communicate with class teachers on day-to-day issues

All teachers are available at the gates or in the playground at the end of every day.  It can be difficult for parents to speak to teachers before the start of the day as the teachers are taking the children up to class.  

Messages for individual class teachers can be emailed to the school office who will pass on messages admin@twinoaks.lewisham.sch.uk and teachers will phone you back if you would like them to when the children have gone home.  The office will also take phone messages and pass them onto the teachers for you, so please just give us a call on 020 8692 4321

Appointments can be booked with any member of staff by completing a booking form in the office and then the member of staff will get back to you with a suitable time. 

Some parents have specialised communication books which can be set up on request to support communication.  This is sometimes helpful for working parents who may not see the teacher on a daily basis. 

Senior staff are in the playgrounds and at the gates at the start and end of every day and are always happy to talk to you.


Paper and emails - Less paper would be great

We are trying to cut down on the amount of paper that we send home so we are as environmentally friendly as possible.  We try to balance paper and electronic communication as we are aware that some parents struggle to access digital information all the time.